Julien Absalon is a French mountain bike racer who is widely considered one of the best riders in the sport’s history. Absalon has won two Olympic gold medals, four World Championships, two European Championships, eleven French National Championships and five overall World Cup titles.

Absalon picked up mountain biking at the age of 14 after his neighbor introduced him to the sport. After experiencing some success as a junior in France, Absalon realized this would eventually become his career. He became the French National Champion during his second year as a junior and he never looked back

Since then, Absalon has dominated the elite UCI Mountain Bike Cross Country scene. Beyond the World Cup circuit, the Frenchman won Olympic gold in both 2004 (Athens) and 2008 (Beijing). Although Olympic glory has opened doors for Absalon and broughy him plenty of attention, he claims that the best thing to come from Mountain Biking in the Olympics has been the attention it has brought to the sport, especially in his home country of France.

In 2014, Absalon set himself apart from the competition, recording his record 29th career UCI Mountain Bike Cross Country World Cup victory, a feat unmatched by any racer in the history of the sport.

When Absalon is not on the mountain bike, he enjoys anything outdoors and cites skiing, motorsports and paragliding as a few of his favorite hobbies. He is married to his wife Emily and together they have one child, Tom.

Career Highlights

  • 5x UCI Mountain Bike Cross Country World Cup Overall Winner
  • 5x UCI Mountain Bike XC World Champion
  • 2x European Champion
  • 11x French National Champion
  • 2008 - 1st, Beijing Olympic Games
  • 2004 - 1st, Athens Olympic Games


BMC, Les Gets, Sidi, Oakley, Pearl Azumi, Bleuforet, Camping Car Plus, Shimano, Aubry Automobiles, Foucaud


Skiing, motor sports, paragliding, all outdoor sports, hanging out with friends

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